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Karen Cowperthwaite

Transformational Life Coach & Intuitive Soul Nurturer

Uncover Your inner power
and embrace a more soul satisfying life.

Intuitive & Transformational Life Coaching Program

Are you a woman in midlife looking to make courageous changes and create an authentic and beautiful next chapter? Let’s talk!

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karen cowperthwaite headshot

Are you ready to create a soul satisfying relationship with yourself?

 To shift out of overwhelm and negative self-talk and take a step back into “observing it”.

What if the struggle you’re feeling is exactly what is needed for your healing and spiritual growth to unfold? 

What if what you’re perceiving as struggle, is actually the biggest opportunity you’ve ever been given?

To release the past and let more light into your life.

It’s not easy…to listen to your heart that calls you to more.

And it’s okay if you feel lost, scared, and overwhelmed now. Let it be okay that you don’t know exactly where you are going.

What if instead of it being a bad thing, you shifted your perspective to see the blessing?

YOU are BEcomingYou are between what has been and what is possible.

And You are READY.  Ready to create a more soul-satisfying life for yourself.

I am an Intuitive Guide and Transformational Life Coach, a mentor who will walk side-by-side with you to Live Your Life Soulfully!


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“I am so incredibly proud of Karen Cowperthwaite that she not only has completely transformed herself, but also has become an extraordinary Master Intuitive Coach within my program. Her kindness and strength and unerring patience, presence and compassion with people — I know she will change lives. Whoever hires Karen will truly be fortunate indeed!”

- Colette Baron-Reid, #1 best selling author and founder of Oracle School

“Karen’s ability to share my grandmother’s feelings and intentions as well as those of other family members really helped bring clarity to my situation. After one session with Karen, I feel as if I’ve been given the gift of the wisdom of 10,000 sages. I went into the session with feelings of anger and sadness and left the session feeling optimistic and hopeful. I can feel the shift, not only in my perspective, but also in my spiritual growth.”

– Dagny P.

“Karen’s gentle guidance has been fundamental to my personal healing, growth, and perspective, as well as my expansion as a beacon and encourager to others. She has not only passed on invaluable tools, but she has reminded me of my own inner resources, and nudges me to tap into them.

What’s more, in moments when I have felt too overwhelmed to raise my own eyes to the bright horizon, she has quietly stepped in, taken my hand, and led me there herself.”

– Sara S.

“Scheduled a session with Karen to understand and set intentions for this phase of my life. She did not disappoint!! The discussion on my past and present was very accurate and Karen’s insights provided me with a new level of understanding. She clarified where and how to focus my energy.

The wisdom and guidance Karen provided was loving, supportive, and invaluable. An extra special moment was when I was provided my theme for the year (it is perfect!) and with it a magical insight that I would not have understood on my own. I see it! I get it! Thank you, Karen!”

– Mary Jo C.

“Karen is truly the “soul sister” everyone wants in their life. She teaches me, she enlightens me, and most of all she has inspired me to become the best version of myself.

Meeting you where you are, listening without judgment, gently pushing you forward is just a sample of what you can expect when coaching with “Souly Sister”, Karen Cowperthwaite.”

– Patti N

“I recently had a reading with Karen and was amazed with her ability to tune into the subject I wanted to explore. She was able to brilliantly connect and see the person and provide the messages he wanted me to know in visual imagery.

She was spot on with what she translated to me and it came as a great comfort. I will definitely be having more readings with Karen.”

- Lynne S.

“We are meant to heal one another. That’s why we came here together.”

– Karen Cowperthwaite