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Uncover your Inner Power and Embrace a More Soul Satisfying Life.

Karen’s compassionate heart and intuitive gifts make for a powerful combination. She has a unique ability to gracefully receive the information given to her by Spirit, deceased loved ones and the angels to share with those who seek to understand themselves, their challenges and bring clarity, hope and action for their journey. She works in the company of Spirit and the angels who have guided her with this message: “we are meant to heal one another; that is why we came here together.”

Available Services

Transformational 6 week Life Coaching Program

$633.00 USD

Your six week coaching program with Karen Cowperthwaite will explore your individual needs and goals while enhancing your own intuitive gifts. Growth work will be given at the end of each session for you to explore between sessions. This coaching program is the choice when you are ready to free yourself from self-sabotage and enter into your transformational butterfly stage.

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Transformational Single Coaching Session (current clients only)


Current clients can schedule their individual coaching sessions with Karen by clicking here.

60 min Angel Empowerment Reading includes Questions and Messages

 $125 USD

This 60 minute phone or Zoom session begins with setting an intention with the angels. I will guide you to select 3 cards from my angel deck and this will help to clarify the theme of your session as guided by the angels. You will have time to ask questions, receive guidance and gain clarity for the questions you have.

Because they want to support you, the angels will bring forward wisdom with a light-hearted sense of humor - they understand who you are. The angels are beings of light that are assigned to work with you and it is their great joy to help you.  

Each session is personal and the guidance from the angels and Spirit provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your journey. Both my clients and I are always surprised by their way of explaining what is happening for us, not to us. You will have an opportunity to ask specific questions. Please have paper and pen available to take notes.

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90 min Angel Complete Well-Being for Clarity, Guidance, Messages, Energy Healing

$150 USD

BEST VALUE This 90 minute Zoom video session begins with setting an intention with the angels. First, you will select 3 cards from one of my angel card decks that I’m guided to share with you to connect to the angel’s wisdom. This will help to clarify the theme of your session as guided by the angels. Because they want to support you, they will bring forward much wisdom with light hearted humor because they understand who you are.

Their messages for your highest good will begin streaming in and the guidance from the angels and Spirit is often overwhelmingly beautiful. They want to lighten your load and provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your journey.

Secondly, you will have opportunities throughout your session to ask questions, go in depth, as well as ask any clarifying information you seek.

The third part of your session is to work with your body’s energy centers to clear blockages and receive any helpful information for your body’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. This energetic healing portion of your session will be relaxing and you will be asked to be in a comfortable position either lying down or in a chair. Any channeled information that will assist your journey will be shared.

The angels are beings of light that are assigned to work with you and it is their great joy to help you.  Each session is personal and the guidance from the angels and Spirit provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your journey. Both my clients and I are always amazed by their way of explaining what is happening for us, not to us. Please have paper and pen available to take notes. You will also have a recording of your session to listen to.

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45 min Mediumship Session with Messages from Loved Ones

 $100.00 USD

This 45 minute Zoom video session or phone session begins with setting an intention for your session to be for the highest good of all involved. Mediumship is sacred work. A reading gives you evidence that your loved one(s) who have passed to the other side still exist in spirit. It gives your loved ones who have passed the opportunity to share their messages with you and to say the things they didn’t get to say while alive. Expectations about specific people or specific things they can get through may be unrealistic and leave you disappointed. It is my goal to capture their essence, their evidence, and their messages so clearly that you have no doubt your loved one is still right here and very much a part of your life.

Please have paper and pen available to take notes. You are welcome to record the session on your own device. Please do not have anyone in the room with you such as a friend, parents or partner UNLESS WE HAVE AGREED TO THIS IN ADVANCE. Unexpected participants can affect the energy between all of us (included those across the veil) and can influence who shows up from the other side.

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Ask 1 Question (Response emailed to you)

$40 USD

Please send your email question to [email protected] with the subject line – 1 Question.

The question must pertain to you as I will tune into your energy.

I will respond to you within 48 hours Monday through Friday/weekdays by sending a response to the email you provide. All questions sent on Saturday or Sunday will be responded to by the following Tuesday.

Please be on the lookout for [email protected] in your Junk, Promotions, or Spam folder if you do not receive it. 

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2025 Energies of the New Year Readings


Coming Soon!

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Gift Certificates Available to Purchase

 60 & 90 minute Angel Sessions 

Your recipient will receive a Reading with messages from the angels and Spirit including an opportunity to ask questions.

Their session is conducted via video or audio conference through Zoom and a gift certificate for you to print or email to your recipient will be emailed to you.

**Click on the link below for description and to purchase. You will complete the information for your gift recipient within the link.

There are no refunds once the gift certificate is purchased. Gift certificates are non-transferable. 


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Upcoming Events

Would you like to learn to Heal with the Energy of Angels? 

LEARN Basic Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)                         

with Karen Cowperthwaite, Intuitive Angel Practitioner, Life Coach & Master Instructor           

Sunday, Nov. 6th (9am-4:30pm)

In this 1-day, entry level class, you will learn:

?   How to do a powerful IET session on yourself or on another person
?   How to use energy therapy to support healing for yourself, family members & children.
?   How to use this self-care technique to manage stress, pain & emotional difficulties
?   How to access the energy of angels through a simple yet powerful process that we call a Heartlink
?   How to clear the areas where we can unconsciously store “issues in our tissues” that can negatively affect our lives.
?   How to imprint the areas cleared with the opposite energy

Register online:

Contact Karen at [email protected] or 847-508-6679 for more info

Space is limited to just 10 participants.  Additional information will be emailed to all registered participants.

Tuition: $195  Early bird registration is $180 if registered by 10/15/22. Includes your IET Basic Level Manual and official IET Basic Level Certificate are included. Attendance for entire day is required for certification.

While struggling with some very difficult and unexpected news that affected me at a very deep level, I turned to Karen Cowperthwaite to help provide some insight into why this is manifesting in my life at this time.

In a one hour session, Karen provided insights for me that were beyond Ah-ha Moments! An Ah-ha Moment is like oh, right, I get it now…that’s pretty cool.

The moments I had with Karen were more like Holy Crap Moments! Or That’s Really Deep Sh*t Moments! And it completely changes the way I think about that entire relationship in my life! Seriously. It was THAT deep. Some of the soul-stirring content of my experience came from the oracle card reading being spot on, but the other came in the form of the unexpected as I was certainly was NOT expecting to hear from my grandmother (who I was not close with due to a language barrier) during our session. Karen’s ability to share my grandmother’s feelings and intentions as well as those of other family members really helped bring clarity to my situation.

After one session with Karen, I feel as if I’ve been given the gift of the wisdom of 10,000 sages. I went into the session with feelings of anger and sadness and left the session feeling optimistic and hopeful. I can feel the shift, not only in my perspective, but also in my spiritual growth. Thank you, Karen!


Karen’s gentle guidance has been fundamental to my personal healing, growth, and perspective, as well as my expansion as a beacon and encourager to others. She has not only passed on invaluable tools and perspectives, but she has reminded me of my own inner resources, and nudges me to tap into them. What’s more, in moments when I have felt too overwhelmed to raise my own eyes to the bright horizon, she has quietly stepped in, taken my hand, and led me there herself.


Karen’s insights provided me with a new level of understanding. She clarified what my near future is bringing and where and how to focus my energy to manifest my dreams. The wisdom and guidance Karen provided was loving, supportive, and invaluable. An extra special moment was when I was provided my theme for the year (it is perfect!) and with it a magical insight that I would not have understood on my own.


Karen is truly the “soul sister” everyone wants in their life. She teaches me, she enlightens me, and most of all she has inspired me to become my best self.

Meeting one where they are, listening without judgment,  gently pushing one forward is just a sample of the coaching you can expect when coaching with “Souly Sister”, Karen Cowperthwaite.