Free Yourself from Self-Sabotage

A free 6-part training series

Optimize your mindset for a more fulfilling life.


Is your inner critic voice sabotaging your inner peace?

Free Yourself from Self-Sabotage Training Series is designed to help you become aware of that negative inner critic that lives inside of your head and turn it into a powerful ally. That way you can reclaim your power, enjoy more of your life, and achieve your goals, free of worry and anxiety.

Excessive criticism destroys your happiness.

Quieting your critic makes room for a powerful transformation.

The truth is, you only have so much bandwidth. When your head is full of negative self-talk and judgments, it’s hard to find anything to be happy about. Possibility goes out the window. You’re left with a head churning in self-doubt or even worse—self-sabotage … and that’s no fun at all.

Your negative thoughts are extremely powerful and learning to weaken the voice of the Inner Judge is one of the best things you can do for your life. I’m here to help you.

Each audio segment is only 4-6 minutes long, so you can listen at your leisure and easily weave the fruits of these lessons into your day. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your life changes when you have access to the right tools, and you use them well.

As you listen to these short audio programs and complete the growth work as you go, you’ll become keenly aware of your emotions’ impact, and discover ways to weaken your negative thoughts and tap into your calm, wise and peaceful self. This creates a more fulfilling life, better relationships and also motivates others to do the same. In time, you’ll become known as a wise, compassionate, and calm companion to yourself as well as others.

During this easy to follow, eye-opening audio program, you will learn:

  • The 10 forms your critic can take, and how to spot them right away
  • How to stop your critic from sabotaging your dreams
  • Helpful tips to stop procrastination and reduce your anxiety
  • How to cultivate a more optimistic attitude (it’s NOT what you think)
  • The most common symptoms of self-sabotage
  • How to turn your biggest enemy into your best ally
  • A simple 5-step process to quiet the critic within…ANY time

Just like intellectual intelligence, some people are born naturally gifted with positive intelligence, and others have to work for it.

But no matter what you came to this life with, anyone can strengthen and improve their Positive Intelligence® (PQ), and use it to improve their lives…and the magical part is that it will improve the lives of your family members, children, partner, co-workers, just to name a few.

The Free Yourself from Self-Sabotage Training Series was designed to help you discover your depth and use the wisdom within you to carve your own satisfying, fulfilling path. The information contained in these short audio training sessions will open your heart and mind to a new world of happiness, success and exciting possibilities.

And best of all, you can access this deep wellspring of knowledge from your home, your office, the car, on vacation or anytime you need a reset.

Here is a glimpse at the sessions available to you:

  • Audio #1 – How Your Inner Critic is Sabotaging Your Life
  • Audio #2 – Discovering Your Inner Critic: Who is it and What Does it Want From You?
  • Audio #3 – How to Stop Being a Prisoner to Your Inner Critic
  • Audio #4 – Slaying Your Dragons: 5 Negative Patterns That Hold You Back
  • Audio #5 – 5 Steps to Quiet the Critic Within
  • Audio #6 – On the Road to Becoming More Positively Intelligent

Each audio program will open the doors to your calmer, fuller life. Listen closely to discover the secrets that many others including myself have already used to change their story into one of confidence, connection and joy.

To become more positively intelligent, listen to your downloads everyday, do the exercises, and apply the lessons to your life.

Are you looking to take a GIANT LEAP forward in creating a POSITIVE MINDSET in 6 week with direct coaching support, cutting edge research in neuroscience, positive psychology and performance training?

Join thousands of women including myself who have transformed their mindsets and are living their lives with greater self-love and self-confidence.


Are you ready to optimize your mindset for better relationships and a more fulfilling life?

As soon as you begin listening to these short audio programs, you’ll find yourself making new revelations and discovering new ways to handle your negative self-talk. Situations that used to leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless will fill you with excitement and confidence.

When you take the wheel and send your critic to the back seat, your dreams can come alive again.

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We are meant to heal one another.
That’s why we came here together.

– Karen Cowperthwaite