Intuitive Coaching for Weight Release

weight loss for people who feel too much book imgWould you benefit from Intuitive Coaching for Weight Release? Are you a person who feels too much? People who feel too much (a term Colette Baron-Reid has coined and is the premise for  her book Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much-release 01/01/13 ) are affected by and take on the energy of others and have difficulty with their own emotional overwhelm.  Answer Yes or No to the questions to see if you fit this description below:

1. Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions around certain people, and don’t always know if your emotions belong to you?

2. Do you feel disconnected & disoriented by strong emotions during family encounters, & turn to food to calm down?

3. Do you turn to food as comfort,reward,to calm yourself or to escape your feelings from 4 pm on?

4.  When you feel emotionally unsafe, does food temporarily calm and make you feel grounded and secure if only for a few seconds?

5.  Rather than face a social opportunity, are there times you stay home and eat comfort foods that may be a combination of sugar, flour and dairy or processed foods like chips, cookies, etc?

6.  Sometimes do you feel you can’t stop eating these foods and mentally bargain with yourself that you will start again on Monday (or tomorrow, etc.)?

7.  Can you gain weight without eating extra food during stressful times?

8.  Do fear and excess food go together?

9.  Do you gain weight as soon as you think about dieting?

10.  Do you feel afraid that you won’t ever get your food under control?

11.  Do you feel powerless when you’re in an emotional eating phase and powerful when you think you’ve got it handled?

12.  Has your love life suffered because of your relationship to food and your issues about your body?

If you answered yes to 5 or more questions, you qualify as someone who feels too much. (Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much© Colette Baron-Reid 2013)